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Keystone International Schools has established a High School (grades 9-12) in downtown Toronto, where students are prepared for post-secondary success. Universities expect students to think about what they learn: understand, analyze, formulate, investigate and propose solutions to non-routine problems. They are expected to be resourceful and connect their learning to real-life issues. They need to organize themselves and manage their time to meet deadlines. At Keystone Toronto, students follow the Ontario curriculum, while learning key self-management skills.  Apart from the core subjects, students pick their electives based on their interest and potential career choices. Selection of electives is a process that involves the students, parents, teachers and guidance counselor. 

International students are placed in carefully selected homestays; our student coordinator ensures that the students are integrated into the society and their host families by maintaining daily contact with the students and weekly contact with the families. Students are exposed to the Canadian culture, customs and values, easing the adaptation period. 

Students explore the city, its landmarks, museums and science centers with organized school trips. They meet and collaborate with leaders from various companies, business owners, professionals, and university students during careers and civics courses.   

Come explore with us!

Get a Canadian Education

Canadian Education is very highly regarded around the world. PISA results show that Canada consistently outranks Australia, the UK and the USA.   

"Canada placed fourth over all in science, tied with Finland and behind Singapore, Japan and Estonia, in the latest results from the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), the highly anticipated survey conducted every three years that measures how 15-year-old high-school students are doing in science, math and reading." Globe&Mail, December 2016

Canadian Universities consistently rank in top 25 of the world universities in various reports. 

Living in Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, home to over 100,000 international students. 

25% of Canada's entire international student population is in Toronto.

Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America and an economic powerhouse in Canada.

Toronto is a multicultural city, home to more than 100 distinct ethnic groups. There are many cultural communities and neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little Italy, Koreatown, Greektown, and Portugal Village.

Toronto represents the centre of arts, design, culture, communications, and commerce in Canada. Toronto attracts more visitors and immigrants than any other Canadian city.

With Keystone Traditions

Small classes ensure that each student is seen, respected, valued and challenged, resulting in a truly unique education, crafted to the needs and personality of each student. 

High school students discover new capacities for critical thinking and forming independent judgments. Reading classics and exploring scientific concepts, debating ethical issues in science, history, economics and literature are part of the experience. 

Students write poetry, engage in a variety of mathematical reasoning, inquire, hypothesize and conduct hands-on lab experiments. 

Our teachers present current issues encouraging students to observe, compare, analyze, create, question and imagine alternatives. 

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad trains students to be respectful of other cultures and political and economic systems. As they make friends from diverse backgrounds and cultures with different world views, they become more willing to take a stand for the world's welfare and comprehend the importance of it. 

Smooth Transition into Higher Education

Studying at Keystone International High School Toronto will help you get immersed with the Canadian culture, improve your language skills and pave the way for University. Obtaining your Canadian high school diploma will ensure a smooth transition into a higher education in North America.

At Keystone Toronto, you will have an unforgettable adventure, while completing your high school studies. Keystone International Schools Toronto High School will provide you with opportunities to be part of the community and build friendships that may last a lifetime. 

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