Homestay & Student Residence

Homestay Family is a family environment type of accommodation. Living with a Homestay Family is a popular way to host international students in Canada and It is a great opportunity for students to learn about the Canadian culture and practice their English. Typically, host families will include students in family events and activities.

Homestay Providers agencies

Canada Homestay Network (CHN) : Over the years, has served tens of thousands of students from over seventy countries, aged between 10 to 75 years.

Casa Toronto : Takes pride in meeting the demand of international students’ accommodation and quality student life.

Student Residence

HOEM On Jarvis : Must be 16+ to be eligible. Students can apply directly through the housing portal.

At HOEM we provide a comfortable, modern, secure, and low-maintenance living space that feels like home.

Living here comes with a foundation of support, a hub to connect with others, a built-in network of resources and opportunities to get involved, how and when you want – you’ll never feel out of place in this diverse post-secondary community! Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, you’ll be steps away from not only your classes, but all that the city has to offer.