Middle School science

Our middle school offers a diverse curriculum designed to support students’ academic, physical, emotional, and cultural development. Our program contains both supportive and challenging tasks and experiences for students. Students are given various opportunities to define their own goals, extend their interests and realize their full potential.

Students are provided with various opportunities to develop a sense of responsibility, confidence, independence, international perspective, teamwork and leadership skills in the classroom as well as in our co-curricular activities.


Middle school student life

Leadership opportunities for students at Keystone is part of everyday programming.Opportunities for responsibility and group leadership are encouraged. Discussions on the responsibilities and the discipline needed for independence, success and effective leadership take place throughout the middle school years.

Mentor Program

Middle School School Trip 3

Each student has a mentor whom they meet on a regular basis. This helps students have increased self-esteem and confidence, improved interpersonal relationships. Students come together throughout the year for shared learning experiences and community activities. These connections result in tremendous personal growth.

Transitioning into High School

Students become familiar with life in high school through the mentor program. Sharing the same environment, having joint field trips, club hours and volunteer activities help students feel a sense of community. They have various opportunities to explore high school academics with their high school mentors. They also take part in school-wide co-curricular activities which exposes them to life beyond middle school. Students in grade 8 can take up to 2 reach ahead courses; grade 9 Geography and grade 9 Learning Skills. The middle school years prepare students for high school and they are more than ready to take on the academic challenges with heightened intellect and emotional stability.

Middle School Graduation

Middle School Graduation