Choosing the right post-secondary institution as well as the program is vital to the student success. Students and families are provided with a wide range of tools and information to navigate through the this process.

Post Secondary Planning

The post-high school planning process, led by our principal and independent career counselors, that empowers each student to assess their own interests and capabilities, and to think independently about the direction of their life after high school. Upon arrival at Keystone, the student is given a career assessment and an education plan is made and this plan is re-visited on an ongoing basis. Administration, teachers and guidance counselors, along with family and faculty, provide resources and a supportive environment, which encourages each student to make the best possible choice for their lives after graduation. The guidance counselor provides resources and support for students and their parents through the university search process with a goal of helping each student to make an informed decision.

Every year, we organize trips to various colleges and universities in order to ensure that our students get the feel of the campus and have a chance to speak with fellow students. Universities and colleges also meet our students at our campus for information sessions followed by one-on-one meetings.

Graduating students

Meet Keystone Alumni to ask about their experience at:

Universities & Program Choices of Keystone Graduates between 2017-2021 in Canada & Abroad

Program Choices

*Hover over the pie chart to see the % of graduates who entered the respective programs.

Business: BComm as well as business programs leading to a BA.

Sciences: Programs leading to BSc.

Engineering: Programs leading to BEng.

Arts: Programs leading to BDes, BFA, BA in art related programs.

University of Toronto

University of British Columbia

York University

McMaster University

Western University

Toronto Metropolitan University

University of Ottawa

Simon Fraser University

Dalhousie University

University of Guelph

University of Alberta

Brock University

Trent University

Bryn Mawr University – USA

Drexel University – USA

King’s College – UK

University of Edinburgh – UK

University of Southampton – UK

University of Bath – UK

University of Leeds – UK

University of Essex – UK

University of Portsmouth – UK

Aston University – UK

University of Maastricht – The Netherlands

Utrecht University – The Netherlands

Vrije University – The Netherlands

University of Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Les Roches – Spain

Lund University – Sweden

European School of Economics – Italy

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice – Italy

Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences – Belgium

Metropolitan University- Czech Republic

Koc University – Turkey

Sabanci University – Turkey

University of Tokyo – Japan

RMIT University – Vietnam