Keystone Toronto’s Online Program

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Karan M. Keystone Online Program, Class of 2020

Currently completing his Business Administration degree at Ryerson University

Students from all over the world can take online courses to earn their Canadian High School Diploma. The online program is designed for students who are self-disciplined and enjoy working independently. Students will have the opportunity to engage in class discussions and interact with one another. Teachers are available to students on an appointment basis.

Keystone Online Program is designed for:

  • Canadian students living/moving to other provinces or abroad
  • Canadian students who may want to repeat or complete a prerequisite course or accelerate graduation
  • International students planning to move to Canada
  • International students seeking admission to Canadian Universities

All of our courses run on a user-friendly online learning platform. Each lesson clearly indicates the approximate time commitment, learning goals, and curriculum expectations.

Learning materials consist of interactive lessons, readings, presentations, videos, and self-evaluations. Students may be assessed on their learning by completing assignments, quizzes tests, and video presentations.

Students are free to work at their own pace and complete their courses within 12 months.

Parents and guardians can monitor student progress by observing student work and engagement on our platform.

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Keystone Online Program Frequently Asked Questions

Course materials are available online in our learning management system: Canvas.

There are no scheduled class sessions. You can log in and work on your course anytime.

Although the courses are designed to be completed at your own pace, students are expected to log in a minimum of 2 hours per week to ensure they are actively learning by contributing to discussion boards, reading instructor’s feedback etc.

You can communicate with your teachers via the built-in message system. Teachers also have weekly virtual drop-in hours.

You have one year from your enrolment.

Online Program Advantages

Recognized Worldwide

OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) is recognized worldwide as an entrance requirement to universities.

University Access

Apply to Ontario Universities like local students; online through the OUAC (Ontario University Application Center), when you are enrolled in Keystone Online School.


While working at your own pace, you will always have the support of your teachers.


Completing your OSSD online will let you continue doing other things that you are passionate about. You can continue training while earning your diploma online.

Find out more about our online programs by requesting a meeting.