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Canada is known for its high quality education system, with many school boards among the top in international rankings. As a result, a high school diploma from a Canadian secondary school is recognized internationally as a sign that the student has succeeded at the highest level of secondary education. The Canadian secondary school diploma is accepted worldwide. Holding a Canadian secondary school diploma gives the students an advantage in the rest of their educational journey and professional lives.

Completing high school in Canada has many benefits:

  • Improve your English before attending university
  • Get familiar with Canadian education
  • Build relationships with communities and peers
  • Apply to top universities as a local student

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, with major attractions and entertainment. Keystone is located in downtown Toronto, meaning you’re just steps away from the CN Tower, Rogers Centre and Ripley’s Aquarium! We are also located in the middle of the Financial District, with many renowned companies around us. Studying in Toronto exposes our students to the real world, helping them acquire real life skills.

Students can start at the beginning of each semester. This means there are 2 start dates throughout the academic year.

There are 2 semesters throughout the year. The core grade 7 and 8 courses run full year, while other subjects may be offered on a semester basis. In grades 9 through 12, all subjects are offered on a semester basis. There are also 2 additional summer semesters, where students can take courses.

  • Semester 1: September – January
  • Semester 2: February – June
  • Summer 1: July
  • Summer 2: August

Yes, students will get an official transcript from the Ministry of Education of Ontario showing their earned credits. When they return to their home country, they can present their transcripts to continue their studies.

Yes, the Ontario Secondary School Diploma is considered an equivalent high school diploma to those from other countries. Students who graduate with an OSSD can apply to universities around the world.

In Canada, USA and in most European countries, the OSSD does not need to be authenticated. If your country requires authentication, please make sure to do this before you leave Canada. In order to authenticate your diploma, you will need to first get it notarized, then you will need to take it to Official Documents Services.

If you need the school to do this on your behalf, the service fee is $250.00 CAD which includes notary and authentication fees. Note that, we use FedEx or DHL and shipping fees will be charged on top of the service fee.

Our international students undergo an English assessment upon admission to be placed in an appropriate English class. Our ESL students will take other subjects such as science and math with non-ESL students, allowing them to be immersed in the school culture and improve their English in a class setting. There are five ESL courses that are based on levels of proficiency in English. Depending on learners’ previous experience with English, students may be placed in ESL Level 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. A student’s level of English is assessed during an interview, supplemented with an English Assessment Test. Based on the results, students will be placed in the appropriate level of English class.

We believe the majority of learning should be done during class time. Homework reinforces what was learned in class. The amount of homework may vary based on grade and subject.

Extra curricular activities are offered based on student interests, and you can find out more about the various offerings here. Students are also encouraged to engage in many activities outside of school through our partnerships with sports clubs, dance and music classes and community service centres.

Some friendships are for a lifetime and most of those start during school years. Friendships develop in the school environment, and become stronger as students get to share a variety of activities together. We schedule out of school trips at least 2 times per semester for the entire school. Experiential learning is part of our approach for the delivery of the curriculum. For example for Civics class, students visit the Old City Hall, while for Business class they visit various company headquarters. Apart from subject-related field trips, we also organize social excursions to provide an opportunity for students to engage outside of the regular school environment.

Our guidance counsellors work one-on-one with each student and family to develop an individualized plan that reflects the goals and aspirations of the student.

In Ontario, students under the age of 18 living here without a parent or legal guardian must be cared for by a custodian. In addition to the official responsibilities of a custodian, which involve making the necessary arrangements for the care and support of the student in times of emergency (such as when medical attention or intervention is required), custodians are also responsible for proper care and supervision of the student as appropriate. Custodians serve as the official contact to the legal authorities. The Custodianship Declaration Form is a required document when applying for a Student Visa.

Health insurance is mandatory in Ontario and for all international students studying in Canada. Keystone School provides insurance through StudyInsured, which is a provincial health insurance replacement plan designed especially for international visa students pursuing their education in Canada. The insurance program is offered to international students who are not eligible for coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) while enrolled at Keystone Secondary School.

School supplies, special events (ex. graduation), out-of-city excursions, daily transportation from and to school, and a laptop device are not included.

After analyzing the student’s transcripts, we will evaluate his/her previous credits through PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition). This is a formal evaluation and accreditation system to recognize courses a student has taken previously. Through this process, students may obtain Ontario secondary school credits.

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