Important School Dates

  • April 1st – Easter Monday holiday – School closed!
  • April 8th – Trip to Niagara Falls to view the Solar Eclipse!
  • April 10th & 11th – OSSLT practice tests
  • April 17th & 18th – OSSLT Test Days
  • April 19th – Clean Toronto Together
  • April 22nd – PD Day – No school!

Noteworthy Dates

  • April 2nd – World Autism Awareness Day
  • April 7th – World Health Day
  • April 9th – Vimy Ridge Day
  • April 22nd – Earth Day
  • April 29th – International Dance Day

April Birthdays



On March 28th, two of our Iranian students took the opportunity to educate their classmates and teachers on the Persian cultural tradition of Nowruz. Thank you very much to Amirabbas and Pouria for providing us all with more insight into this celebration based on the solar equinox! We are all very ready for springtime now!

Clean Toronto Together

Last April, our school participated in the Clean Toronto Together initiative as part of our involvement in EcoSchools Canada.

The entire school spent just over an hour outside in two parks located near the school, cleaning up trash and litter. The students earned volunteer hours for their efforts, and we were able to make a noticeable impact in the local community.

This year, we are proud to be continuing our EcoSchools efforts and participating in this event once again, on Friday April 19th. We look forward to having all our students participate!

We recently published a blog post, written by Ms. Doa, discussing our pursuit of IB accreditation. This is all part of our continued dedication to making as many learning styles and approaches available to Keystone students as possible. You can read more at the blog post below:

Field Trip: Ontario Science Centre

On March 27th, we took a schoolwide field trip to the Ontario Science Centre to participate in an important seminar on mental health and the science of anxiety. Led by our student counsellor, Ms. Giorgia, the students engaged in learning about this incredibly important topic, from understanding how stress and anxiety physically affect the body to learning evidence-based coping mechanisms to employ in future moments of anxiety. We were so glad to be able to offer this crucial learning experience to our students.

Vimy Ridge

“We went up Vimy Ridge as Albertans and Nova Scotians. We came down as Canadians.” – WWI Veteran

The Battle of Vimy Ridge, which took place from April 9th-12th, 1917, was an important historical moment for Canada during the first World War.

This battle marked the first time that soldiers from Canada united together as Canadians and fought together as one. The battle was pivotal in contributing to the idea of Canadian identity. The land where the battle was fought was given to Canada by France and now has a large memorial to honour all those Canadians who fought and died in the battle.

“Many of the soldiers wearing the Canadian uniform that day were immigrants to this country. People of many languages and backgrounds, representing every region in Canada, fought for the values we hold so dear: freedom, democracy, and peace.”

– Justin Trudeau

You can learn more about this important moment in Canadian history at this link:

Earth Day

Each year on April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day as a way of showing respect for our planet and renewing our commitment to safeguard the environment. This initiative was first established in 1970, and continues each year. You can learn more about this important day of recognition here.

The Great Gulp

On March 26th, we participated in The Great Gulp as a school community, to further emphasize our commitment to EcoSchools and to protecting the environment. All of our students and staff joined in taking a big drink (or great gulp, of course!) from their reusable water bottles, mugs or cups.

Ah! welcome, sweet April,
Whose feet on the hills,
Have walked down the valleys,
And crossed o’er the rills;
The pearls that you bring us
Are dews and warm showers,
And the hem of your garments
Is broidered with flowers.

– by Mrs. M. J. Smith, from the poem “April Flowers”

Recipe Corner

This month, we’re celebrating the start of spring with a simple but oh so sweet recipe by Mrs. Janille!

A student engaging in high school skills preparation outside during the summer.Prepare for High School
Rethinking learning systems and approaches is an essential part of pursuing IB accreditation for us.Pursuing IB Accreditation

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