by Shaquan Brown

On May 16th each year, National Love a Tree Day celebrates the wonderful gifts trees give. This day encourages us to care for trees and expand reforestation. In the United States, there has been a decline in acres of forest land. From 46 percent to 34 percent of the total land area. How trees are utilized and managed has changed in the last 400 years, and where people live and how we farm has also changed. While some urban forests increase other areas see a decline. Tree planting programs improve landscapes but human activities and population growth continue to impact ecosystems.

Trees are a vital part of nature. This is a good day to plant a new tree or spend some time enjoying the beauty of the trees that are all around you. Take time to learn how to care for the trees you have too and take a hike with family and friends. Share photos of your favourite tree or videos of you planting a tree. Use #LoveATreeDay to post on social media!



shaquan brown

Shaquan is a grade 12 student at Keystone School. She is from Spanish Town, Jamaica. She is an introvert who enjoys dark humour, watching anime and true-crime series. Shaquan is also a nyctophiliac who finds peace in late-night walks. Her hobbies are reading, cooking, singing, and designing. Outside of school Shaquan is interested in fiction story writing. Once comfortable amongst people she becomes talkative and is quite humorous, as told by her friends.

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