Social Sciences & Humanities Department

Ms. Siddiqi Social Sciences Humanities

Ms. Siddiqi

Ms. Siddiqi's formal education was acquired in various countries around the world. Born in the United Kingdom, she lived and studied in Syria, Nigeria, the Netherlands and Canada.  After graduating from high school, she attended University of Ottawa where she obtained her joint degree in English Literature and Political Science. While attending University, she worked in politics as Chief of Staff for a Member of Parliament in Ottawa. 

Upon working with the Minister of Education, her interest in pedagogy sparked. She pursued her second degree at the University of Ottawa in Education and graduated with the Developing Global Perspectives for Educators Cohort - focusing on making local, national, and international differences through education as civic engagement. With this enthusiasm for the world, she returned to her hometown of London, England where she worked as an English Teacher Head of Behaviour and Year 11 at a Technology College. 

Throughout her teaching career, Ms. Siddiqi has worked hard to build a positive learning environment for everyone around her. Her motto has always been to "spread a little sunshine; you never know how much weight a simple smile may carry." With this ideology, she helped foster a community of lifelong learners, as she learnt among side them. She has also spent the last few years providing professional development, coaching and behaviour management for teachers, school staff, and parents.

Ms. Siddiqi  proudly serves as the Teaching Vice Principal at Keystone International School, where she continues to make a positive impact in students' academic achievements and attainment to a life long love for learning. 

Mathematics & Sciences Department

Ms. Navarro Mathematics

Ms. Navarro

Ms. Navarro is a passionate educator who truly loves mathematics and sciences. With with two undergraduate degrees, one in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from York University, she imparts applicable knowledge and problem solving techniques on her students in her mathematics classes. She is creative and she enjoys adjusting her teaching techniques for different types of learners. 

Her teaching experience includes topics like Differential Calculus, Numerical Mathematics and Linear Algebra, as well as International Baccalaureate and advanced mathematics and physics from grade 9 to grade 12. In addition, she holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and Accounting from Sheridan College.

Ms. Navarro's future plans include taking the Master of Mathematics for Teachers through the CEMC at University of Waterloo.

Business Studies Department

Enactus George Brown College

Ms. Geonzon & Mr. Ramesh

Ms. Geonzon and Mr. Ramesh have been leading the Enactus George Brown College Team in business studies at Keystone. The program is split into two teams, the Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Team have resulted in the creation of Rad-ish, the first student-led business venture for Keystone. Rad-ish continues with instruction and guidance from Ms. Genzon and Ms. Hayder. 

Financial Literacy / Entrepreneurship Instruction Team

1. Srikanth Ramesh

2. Carson Hatch
3. Amane Abdurhman 

Project Piña / Project Rad-ish Instruction Team

1. Millicent Dianne Geonzon

2. Lilly Hayder

Enactus George Brown College chapter is an "international non-profit that believes investing in students who take ENTrepreneurial ACTion for others creates a better world for US all." Working with Enactus has given the students a real world advantage through financial literacy and entrepreneurship guidance. Their capable instructors are geared to work with us on several business class projects.