Academic Team

Our  teachers are committed to making a difference in their students’ lives. They are knowledgeable, creative, caring, inspirational and highly qualified.  They communicate effectively with parents; but most importantly, they communicate effectively with each other and their students. In essence, they know their students well and are able to devote their attention to their strengths and areas of potential growth. As such, they focus on delivering a program that inspires students to participate, reflect, think critically, analyze, create and excel academically. Most important, they create classrooms where students can feel a sense of belonging, and develop programs that inspire learning, and motivate students to want to come to school day after day. 

Mathematics & Sciences

Ms. Navarro Mathematics

Ms. Navarro

Ms. Navarro is a passionate educator who truly loves mathematics and sciences. With with two undergraduate degrees, one in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from York University, she imparts applicable knowledge and problem solving techniques on her students in her mathematics classes. She is creative and she enjoys adjusting her teaching techniques for different types of learners. 

Her teaching experience includes topics like Differential Calculus, Numerical Mathematics and Linear Algebra, as well as International Baccalaureate and advanced mathematics and physics from grade 9 to grade 12. In addition, she holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and Accounting from Sheridan College. Ms. Navarro is currently pursuing her Master of Mathematics for Teachers through the CEMC at University of Waterloo.

Dr. Kim

Dr. Sam Sul Gi Kim completed an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Western University. He then graduated from University of Toronto, Department of Medical Biophysics with a Ph.D. degree in Science focusing on molecular biology and cancer research. Sam completed his Post-Doctoral training at York University in 2018. Sam’s research focuses on finding better non-toxic treatment for cancer patients. As traditional cancer chemotherapy is associated with high toxicity to patients and DNA damage to normal cells, his interest is to design drugs that can effectively kill cancer cells with minimal toxicity. Sam has taught second year biology course ‘Research Methods in Molecular Biology’ as a Course Director in 2015 and 2016, and second year chemistry course ‘Introduction to Biochemistry’ as a Course Director in 2017 at York University. He is passionate about teaching and cares for all his students to do well in science and in life.

English & Social Studies

Ms. Shivanandan

Ms. Myra is an English and History Secondary School teacher, with a Bachelor's of Arts in History and Global Development Studies from Queen’s University, as well as a Bachelor's of Education from the Urban Schools Cohort at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto). She has a wide array of teaching experiences, including working as a teacher in adult detention centres, alternative schools, Toronto Community Housing complexes, and traditional classrooms within the Toronto District School Board. Myra teaches from a social justice perspective, and uses student-centred pedagogy, believing that all students regardless of race, socio-economic background, age, gender, ability, or sexual orientation deserves an education. 

Mr. Berce

Mr. Taylor is an English as a Second Language teacher. He holds a Bachelor's of Arts from McGill University, where he studied geography, and a Master's degree from York University, where he studied linguistics. His broad variety of experiences as an educator include working as a librarian at McGill's cartography library in Montréal, teaching children in Guangzhou, China, and helping newcomers to Canada learn English in Toronto. Taylor sees learning a language as a holistic, lifelong process. Stemming from his Master's research, he is particularly interested in analyzing the use of language in "real world" contexts and the linguistics sub-discipline of corpus linguistics. 

Business Studies

Enactus George Brown College

Ms. Geonzon & Mr. Ramesh

Ms. Geonzon and Mr. Ramesh have been leading the Enactus George Brown College Team in business studies at Keystone. The program is split into two teams, the Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Team have resulted in the creation of Rad-ish, the first student-led business venture for Keystone. Rad-ish continues with instruction and guidance from Ms. Genzon and Ms. Hayder. 

Financial Literacy / Entrepreneurship Instruction Team

1. Srikanth Ramesh

2. Carson Hatch
3. Amane Abdurhman 

Project Piña / Project Rad-ish Instruction Team

1. Millicent Dianne Geonzon

2. Lilly Hayder

Enactus George Brown College chapter is an "international non-profit that believes investing in students who take ENTrepreneurial ACTion for others creates a better world for US all." Working with Enactus has given the students a real world advantage through financial literacy and entrepreneurship guidance. Their capable instructors are geared to work with us on several business class projects.

Support Team

Ms. Rebecca

Rebecca graduated from Queen’s University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and a Minor in Art History. She is currently completing her Master of Social Work at the University of Windsor.

Rebecca takes an anti-oppressive approach to education-social work by using innovative and diverse avenues to address each student’s unique needs. She values experiential learning and believes in fostering a connection between education, self-regulation and social support.  

Rebecca’s academic interests include mindfulness and adolescent mental health.  She is interested in addressing the socio-emotional needs of youth that she works with through the use of mindfulness techniques, counselling and connecting students with relevant and contemporary resources to support them.

Rebecca’s past experiences have provided her with knowledge and skills to work effectively with youth and families.  She has worked closely with youth in educational settings, and has experience developing experiential learning activities and outings based on the Ontario curriculum.  Rebecca has assisted ESL international students with both language studies and socio-emotional support.  She also completed an internship at the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, working primarily with children in care. Upon completion of her Master’s degree, Rebecca hopes to continue to work with youth and families within an educational setting

Ms. Kameka

Kameka is a committed educator who has had the pleasure of teaching for more than sixteen years.  Her varied teaching experiences include positions in Jamaica, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, and the United States. She has also taught English to newcomers to Canada. Kameka is a graduate of the Mico University College, the University of the West Indies, the International University of the Caribbean and the Canadian College of Educators. She is qualified to teach English and History.  She is certified in TESL with Portfolio Based Language Assessment and is also a Guidance Counsellor. Her role in Keystone International Schools is a reflection of her commitment to education and to the development of the youth.

Kameka believes that if information is contextualized through meaningful content and practical tasks, then every student can learn. In her practice, the Communicative and Task-Based approaches to teaching have been highly effective tools in attaining intellectual actualization, critical thought processes and competent communication amongst learners. Kameka believes that a continued response to the linguistic, experiential and cultural backgrounds of diverse learner populations is important in maintaining the integrity of the teaching-learning process. When she is not teaching, Kameka pursues her interests in Public Speaking, Motivational workshops and Creative writing.

Ms. Hudaa

Hudaa is a full-time, 3rd year Business Administration student at George Brown College, majoring in accounting. After her diploma, she plans on transferring to university to complete her bachelor of commerce in financial services and eventually working towards the CPA designation.
Hudaa is part of Enactus George Brown, one of the 64 student lead teams in Canada that help the society and environment with their entrepreneurial initiatives. Hudaa took over her team's financial literacy project, Change Matters, as the project lead earlier this year. She is passionate about bringing financial literacy to the youth in Toronto. This project is designed for youth that helps them take control of their personal finances and hit the ground running after high school. With the help of this project, I hope to promote a debt-free, minimalistic lifestyle that empowers young people. Coming to Canada around 3 years ago, Hudaa understands the struggle youth from other countries face when it comes to dealing with personal finances. This program, incorporated in the student's business class for four consecutive weeks would be a great opportunity for them to learn about their spending habits and be able to make better decisions in the future.

Ms. Luisa

Luisa is a full-time, 3rd year Bachelor of Commerce student at George Brown College, majoring in finance. After her graduation, she plans on working towards the CFA designation, and continuing her course of studies by achieving an MBA and a Law degree. 
Luisa is part of Enactus George Brown, one of the 64 student lead teams in Canada that help the society and environment with their entrepreneurial initiatives. Luisa took over her team's pilot project, Youth Going Forward, and turned it into a entrepreneurship program. She is passionate about turning youth's ideas into possible lucrative business ventures. This program is designed to teach youth about valuable life skills such as financial literacy, marketing skills, team building, presentation, as well as product and service. As an entrepreneur herself, Luisa knows the struggle of getting her business started; therefore, she wants for this program to not only give youth the skills to create a business plan, but to also give them a support system. This program, incorporated in the student's business class for six consecutive weeks would be a great opportunity for them to learn about entrepreneurship and would give them lifeskills for the future.