Living with Canadian Families mean mastering your English while immersing in the culture


The city centre of Toronto is an exciting place to be a Keystone student. There are many opportunities to do and see incredible things. Living with Canadian families adds on to the experience and helps students adapt to the culture quickly. It is a secure environment to learn about Canadian customs and values. In addition, living in an all English environment is the best way to perfect language skills. Host families are a great source of information and play an important role for the student’s successful integration into Canadian society.

The excitement of living in a new country meeting new friends, tasting new cuisines are common feelings expressed by international students. At times, they need support and familiarity to overcome missing home. 

Let Us Choose Your Homestay

A successful homestay placement ensures a smooth transition. All of the selected families go through a due diligence process that include obtaining character references and a criminal backgrounds checks for all the members of the household. Personal interviews with the host families and the students are also conducted to ensure the best match based on preferences and suitability. We are committed to our students’ safety and comfort.  

Choose Your Own Homestay


Homadorma is the largest Canada wide homestay placement platform. Find affordable and trustworthy student accommodations close to our campus.