Tuition & Fees


Application Process

In order to be considered for admissions please submit the following documents: 

 Completed Application Form 

 Application Fee 

 Report cards from the current academic year 

 School Transcripts for the last 2 years

 Copy of the Birth Certificate or National Identity Card 

 Passport size photograph 

Once all the documents are received along with the application fee, an interview will be set up. English Language Assessment Test may be required.

Application Form

Please fill the application form and then follow through with the application fee payment. We will contact you to request your transcripts.

Application Fee


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

If you have chosen to be considered for your high school education at Keystone International School, please start the application process by filling out the application form above and make a payment with your credit card or PayPal account. This will take you to PayPal's secure online payment page. 

We prepare you for your post secondary school success.


 In Ontario, students under the age of 18, without a parent or legal guardian, must be cared for by a Custodian. Custodianship Declaration Form is a required document when applying for a Student Visa. 

In addition to the official responsibilities of a custodian, which involve making the necessary arrangements for the care and support of the student in times of emergency, such as when medical attention or intervention is required, custodians are also responsible for proper care and supervision of the student as appropriate. Custodians serve as the official contact to the legal authorities 

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory in Ontario and for all international students studying in Canada. Keystone International Schools provide insurance through VHIP, underwritten by Industrial Alliance.  
Visa Students Health Insurance Plan (VHIP) is a provincial health insurance replacement plan designed especially for international visa students pursuing their education in Canada. The insurance program is offered to international students who are not eligible for coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) while enrolled at Keystone International Schools. 


Do you offer assistance when applying for college?

Our college counselor works one-on-one with each student and family to develop an individualized plan that reflects the goals and aspirations of the student. 

How many start dates are there in a year?

There are 2 semesters per year, first one starting in September and the second one starting in February. Students can start at either one of those start dates. There are no disadvantages of starting at different times, as the courses run as long as a semester.

What is the school’s philosophy to homework?

We believe the majority of learning should be during class time. Homework reinforces what was learned in class. The amount of homework each student has each day varies depending on how effectively students manage their time and the type of courses they are enrolled in.

What is not included in the tuition?

School supplies, special events (ex. Graduation), excursions, transportation from and to school, and a laptop device are not included. 

Do you offer extra-curricular activities?

Electives are offered based on student needs, interest and availability. Students are able to engage in many activities outside of school through our partnerships with sports clubs, dance and music classes and community service centers.

How often so students take excursions?

Some friendships are for a lifetime and most of those start during high school years. Friendships develop in school environment, and become stronger as they get to share variety of activities together. We schedule out of school trips at least 2 times per semester.

Bank Wire Information

Bank of Nova Scotia

802 O'Connor Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4B 2S9


Account Name: Keystone International Schools

Beneficiary Institution: 002

Beneficiary Transit: 81612

Beneficiary Account Number: 0049417

Payment Information

All fees are in Canadian Dollars. 

Wire transfers, money orders, cheques and cash received in US Dollars will be converted to Canadian Dollars at the exchange rate determined by the bank on the day of receipt. 

Tuition must be paid in full to apply for a student visa. 

Homestay fees are due directly to CHN.